Holiday Pay Payslip Items

Automatic Holiday Pay

An Automatic Holiday Pay payslip item will be added to a payslip when there is holiday to pay in that period.

Edit both the Holiday Pay and Number of Units on the automatic Holiday Pay payslip item if needed.

If you edit the number of Units (Hours/Days/Weeks) within the payslip item the Holiday Pay figure will be adjusted.

When Holiday Pay is amended the number of Units will remain the same s the assumption is you are increasing the rate. Please note if the Units are then subsequently adjusted it overrides the manually adjusted Holiday Pay amount to reflect the number of Units again.

On finalise, if the number of Units are added or taken from, this will adjust the employee’s entitlement/accrued value. If the adjustment in Units will exceed the employee’s remaining allowance you will be warned and given a choice.

Manual Holiday Pay

Use the Holiday Pay Item (Manual) when either you have chosen the ‘Don’t Pay’ checkbox so there is no Automatic Holiday Pay item added or when you need to make a manual adjustment either in the Payments or Deduction section.

Unlike the automatic Holiday Pay item this can be deleted and repeated. The number of Units will not affect the Holiday Pay amount where adjusted and will not adjust the employee’s entitlement/accrued value on finalise.

Rate Changes & Finalise Warnings

If you change an employee’s Holiday/Accrual Pay Rate, the 1 Day Represents Value or the Holiday Value after a payslip has been created KashFlow Payroll will ask you to refresh the payslip as the existing Holiday Pay on the payslip is now likely to be incorrect based on the updated configuration.

Warnings are displayed on finalise to help ensure payslips that need to be refreshed due to changes to the employees’ Holiday are updated.

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