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Auto Enrolment – Output Files

Once you have completed each payroll run with Automatic Enrolment, you will need to communicate with your chosen provider to inform them of contributions made, opt-outs, joiners and leavers etc. You must first configure your system to generate the correct output file; You must also ensure that you have asked…

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Automatic Enrolment: AE Setup Wizard

Using the AE Setup wizard, enter details of your chosen pension scheme, contribution amounts and staging date/postponement arrangements Welcome Ensure relevant information is available. Setup Wizard will direct you to the relevant source of information, should you require any further details please visit www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk Staging Date Enter your staging date,…

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Automatic Enrolment: Assessment of Employees

Automatic assessment of employees is carried out within a normal payroll run, once your AE setup is fully complete, based on the criteria listed below; Employee is aged between 22 and state pension age Employee earns more than £10,000 a year Employee works in the UK Assessment must take place…

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Automatic Enrolment: Generating Communications

Generate and Send Communications In order to remain compliant you must generate pre-approved communications to employees. These can be generated under the ‘Pension and AE’ tab. Once the payroll run has been finalised, comms generated can be viewed and printed to be sent. There are 4 standard letters that will…

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