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Company Level Holiday Scheme Configuration

Purpose/Background Set up a Company Level Default Holiday Scheme. Any values that are saved on this screen are carried over to all employees that are created after the Company Level scheme is saved but are not applied to existing employees. If the Company Level Holiday Scheme is turned off, then…

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Adding a Company – Required Setup Information Part 1

To set up your company with sufficient information to process your payroll, you’ll need to collect a few key pieces of information. You can enter just the basic information on the first screen of adding a new company to get going; however we recommend that you fully complete company setup…

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Adding a Company – Commercial information Part 2

← Back to Step 1 Next to Step 3 → In the Commercial information tab, provide KashFlow Payroll with contact details for your Company, such as the Address to display on payslips. Field Help: Business Type Note that this is an optional field, but gives us an idea of what kind of…

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Adding a Company – Government Settings Part 3

← Back to Step 2 Next to Step 4 → Government settings Each Company in KashFlow Payroll represents a PAYE Scheme and HMRC will have given you some references and numbers to help them identify you in the RTI submissions. References Try and complete as many of these references as you can…

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Adding a Company – Payment Method Part 4

← Back to Step 3 Next to Step 5→ Choose a default method to pay your employees. You may override this setting per employee. Payment options This company setup tab is all about how you pay your employees. Pay Employees By You can pay your employees by Cash Cheque, or…

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Adding a Company – Payroll Control Settings Part 5

← Back to Step 4 Next to Step 6→ Payroll control settings This company setup tab tells KashFlow Payroll how you want your Pay Dates to be set because every time you close a Pay Date, KashFlow Payroll will create the next one for you. For example, you may want…

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Adding a Company – Opening Balances Part 6

← Back to Step 5 Opening balances Opening Balances tell KashFlow Payroll what the Year To Date figures were before you started using KashFlow Payroll, so you only need Opening Balances once for the Year that you start using KashFlow Payroll and only if you processed payrolls earlier in the…

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