Company Level Holiday Scheme Configuration


Set up a Company Level Default Holiday Scheme. Any values that are saved on this screen are carried over to all employees that are created after the Company Level scheme is saved but are not applied to existing employees.

If the Company Level Holiday Scheme is turned off, then no holiday scheme will be set at employee level for all employees that are created whilst there it is turned off.

This screen also allows the user to select the Payments/Deductions that will contribute towards an employee’s holiday accrual. These are set at Company Level and can be set even when the Company level scheme is not turned on. This means that if an individual employee has an accrual holiday set, that the Company level values can still be set to use the payslip items the user wants to contribute towards their holiday accrual.

If a Company Level scheme is not set up before the user creates their first employee associated to the company, then a warning will be displayed when they attempt to create their first one to ask if they want to create a company scheme to carry over to employee level.

Where a scheme is updated, any new values will only apply to new employees, apart from the payslip items which will be applied to all employees on a Holiday Accrual scheme.

Default Holiday Configuration

  • Enable a default company holiday allowance
    • ‘No’  – you can only submit Payments/Deductions values to set Accrual Pay items that will contribute towards an employee’s Holiday Accrua
    • ‘Yes’ – makes the form active and shows the Default Holiday Pay section that will allow the user to select between Hours, Days and Weeks
  • Is your default Holiday Type ‘Accrual?
    • ‘No’ – keeps the holiday scheme set as Hours, Days or Weeks
    • ‘Yes’ – makes the default Holiday pay scheme and Accrual scheme with a choice of  % Accrual and displays the Accrual Rate container for the user to select between % Accrual Money, Accrual Hours, Accrual Days, Accrual Weeks
  • Include Bank Holidays?
    • ‘No’ – An employee will not be paid holiday pay on bank holidays
    • ‘Yes’ – An employee will be paid on bank holidays if those days fall on days set as their working pattern
  • Holiday Type‘ must be selected where the scheme is turned on
  • Default Holiday Allowance’ – the default number of paid holiday days an employee will be set to when their record is created
  • Holiday Pay Rate‘ – the default rate of holiday pay for an employee
  • 1 Day Represents’ – the amount of holiday pay amounts to pay in one calendar day of holiday time

Accrual Holiday Pay Schemes

  • Accrual Type‘ must be selected when an accrual scheme is chosen
  • Accrual at a rate of’ – the percentage of time/pay on employee payslips, depending on the accrual scheme type, that is retained as accrued holiday.
  • Accrual Pay Rate‘ – the default rate of accrual pay for an employee
  • 1 Day Represents’ – the amount of holiday pay amounts to pay in one calendar day of holiday time

Accrual including Statutory Payments

To add payslip items that will contribute to an employee’s choose the statutory rates and also click in the search box and either type to search if you know the name of the item you are looking for or navigate the Pay Item tree. These can be added/removed at any time.

Reset Holiday

The ‘Reset Holiday’ Button can be found at the bottom of the Company Holiday Configuration screen. A user can choose to reset employees holiday allowance for any Holiday Type, even if the Holiday Type is not set as the default company level scheme. On click of Reset, a dialogue will appear in which you are required to enter the Holiday Type that you wish to reset.

If you have a maximum value which an employee can carry over then you are able to specify this within the dialogue; this can be specified in time or money dependent on the Holiday Type selected in the drop-down.

Doing this will display any employees that exceed the value you have entered with their remaining allowance in which they have left.

Don’t carry over any remaining allowance select to disallow any carry over. The employee entitlement will be used to reset the employees’ holiday, if this is not entered then the holiday will be set to zero.

Carry over any remaining allowanceselect to carry over the remaining allowance for all employees on that holiday type no matter what the value is. This will be added to the employee’s entitlement if there is one entered. This also includes monetary values.

Carry over any allowance up to and including ONLY the maximum amount specified in the field aboveselect to carry over the maximum amount you specified to be carried over in the text box above. All other entitlement will be lost.

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