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New NHS Pension Tiers and Contributions (Scotland)

New Pension Rate to be used from 1st October 2023 are as follows: Scotland (TABLE 1) Used in respect of members in pensionable employment on the last day of the previous scheme years and the first day of the current scheme year. Tier Pensionable Pay used to determine contribution rate…

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Existing Members of NHS Pension Scheme 22/23

For Employees who have been in the NHS Pension scheme prior to April 6th 2023: 1.      The system will check the annual rate of pensionable pay for the tax year ending 2022/23 2.      For full time employees, this will be obtained from the following: Full Time…

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New GP Payroll Report

A new report has been introduced to KashFlow Payroll which will show the contribution rate changes. The report is called Pension Rate Summary, and can be printed from:  Reports | GP Pension Reports | Pension Rate Summary Users will also be prompted to print the report when finalising the last…

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Employee who joined NHS Pension post April 2023

The following applies to: Normal Staff – paid for a single post –  Employee type 1 Doctor – Assistant/Retainer (Practice is pension provider) – Employee type 5   If an employee has been added to the NHS Pension Scheme post April 6thst 2023, the Employee Basic Contribution rate will be…

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