Adding Employees – Employment Settings Step 5

Employment settings

This employee setup tab reflects some details of the employee contract and the nature of their employment, such as Job Title or Directorship start and end dates.

Job Title
You will need to enter the employees Job Title or on the right type your own.

New Departments are setup under the Company menu and an employee can be assigned to one Department reflecting the main cost centre that their employment is in. Payroll figures can be analysed by Department from the Reports menu and individual Pay Items can even be assigned to a different department, for example, when an employee does some overtime to help another Department.

Leave Date
If the employee has left the Company then their Leave Date is shown. To set an employee as a leaver use the Leaver Action from their Dashboard.

Director Start and End Date
If the employee is or was a director of the Company then their directorship Start and End Dates are shown. To start or end a directorship use the Set Directorship action from their Dashboard.

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