Adding Employees – Payment Options Step 7

Payment options

In order to process Payslips, deliver them and actually pay an employee, KashFlow Payroll needs a range of details.

Pay Cycle

KashFlow Payroll supports employees paid on a regular repeating weekly or monthly Pay Cycle. If you cannot see the option you want, make sure that you have specified a weekly or monthly Pay Date for the Company.

Is employee paid intermittently?

This field is included in RTI submissions but you can simply set this to ‘No’ unless you know that this employee does not always get paid (commonly known as a casual labourer). KashFlow Payroll will detect when this option needs changing so you can’t go wrong.

Hours Per Week

Please enter the normal contractual hours that the employee is expected to work according to their contract – not to be confused with the actual hours worked in any particular week. KashFlow Payroll will use the Hours Per Week to calculate an employee’s hourly Rate if you only supply a weekly Rate.

Payslip Delivery Email Address

You can choose to print payslips for the employee or get them to use the Employee Self Service facility. The employee’s email address is used for their Self Service login and to notify them when a new payslip is ready to collect.

Employee Self Service

KashFlow Payroll runs over the internet, so your employees can login and get what they need from KashFlow Payroll. Employees can collect their own current or historical payslips (sometimes called electronic payslips) so when you have closed a Pay Date there is nothing to print or deliver – saving you time and paper.

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