KashFlow Payroll 1.4.6 Release Notes

This update of the software includes some new features and enhancements, together with any necessary legislative and maintenance changes.  These notes provide information on improvements to the software.

Holiday Pay Scheme

We have included the ability to include a Holiday Pay Scheme for your company and pay employees holiday based on their entitlement.  The changes include:

  • Company-level holiday pay scheme to set-up default rules for employees
  • Employee-level holiday pay entitlement and scheme customisation to tailor for individual needs
  • Employee-level holiday pay calendar to record and generate holiday payments on your payslips
  • Holiday pay reports to check entitlement
  • Defined pay elements to include in an accrual holiday pay calculation

Check out the links below for more detailed explanations of configuration at company and employee level.

Company-level Holiday Scheme Configuration & Resetting the Holiday Year

Employee-level Holiday Scheme Configuration & the Holiday Calendar

Holiday Pay Payslip Items

Holiday Pay Reports

Assumed Pensionable Pay

We have included the option to set up Assumed pensionable pay for statutory payments to help you ensure employer pension contributions meet legislative requirements automatically.

The option is located in the set-up page for each type of Statutory absence

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