Withholding Tax Deduction

This s a documentation page for our shiny new REST API - you weren't meant to find it. This API isn't ready for public use yet. We're chopping and changing it a LOT as we grow it. So if you build something that uses it then it's very likely to break in a future update. Don't say you weren't warned!





Response Formats:



Allows to apply withholding tax deduction on a particular entity (invoices/purchases), if CIS deduction is enabled for the customer/supplier invoiced.

POST Operation

Applies withholding tax deduction. If CIS is successfully applied, this API responds with the updated entity (invoice/purchase) resource having an additional line item for CIS deduction. The amount of deduction applied depends on the WithholdingTax Settings for the user.

This API method does not require a request body.

URL : internal/{objecttype}/{objectnumber}/withholdingtaxdeduction

Valid inputs for {objecttype} are ‘invoices’ and ‘purchases’

Example response for POST of Withholding Tax deduction

    "Address": {
        "Line1": "54 Main Street",
        "Line2": "HighField",
        "Line3": " ",
        "Line4": "",
        "PostCode": "CN7 8JH"
    "AutomaticCreditControlEnabled": false,
    "Currency": {
        "Code": "GBP",
        "DisplaySymbolOnRight": false,
        "ExchangeRate": 1.0000,
        "Name": "British Pounds",
        "Symbol": "£"
    "CustomerCode": "CUST102",
    "CustomerDiscount": 0.0000,
    "CustomerId": 0,
    "CustomerName": "CUST102",
    "CustomerReference": "",
    "DefaultNominalCode": 4905,
    "DeliveryAddress": {
        "Line1": null,
        "Line2": null,
        "Line3": null,
        "Line4": null,
        "PostCode": null,
        "Name": null
    "DueDate": "2013-10-05 12:00:00",
    "EmailCount": 0,
    "GrossAmount": 40.1200,
    "HomeCurrencyGrossAmount": 40.1200,
    "Id": 25761772,
    "InvoiceInECMemberState": false,
    "InvoiceOutsideECMemberState": false,
    "IsWhtDeductionToBeApplied": false,
    "IssuedDate": "2013-09-05 12:00:00",
    "LastPaymentDate": null,
    "LineItems": [{
        "Description": "",
        "HomeCurrencyRate": 40.00,
        "HomeCurrencyVATAmount": 7.20,
        "NominalCode": 4905,
        "Number": 1,
        "ProductCode": "",
        "ProductName": "",
        "Quantity": 1.0000,
        "Rate": 40.00,
        "TaxCode": null,
        "VATAmount": 7.20,
        "VATExempt": false,
        "VATLevel": 18.0000,
        "ApplyTax1": false,
        "ApplyTax2": false,
        "ApplyTax3": false,
        "ApplyTax4": false,
        "ApplyTax5": false,
        "NominalName": "Shipping",
        "ProjectName": "",
        "ProjectNumber": 0,
        "Tax1Amount": 0.00,
        "Tax2Amount": 0.00,
        "Tax3Amount": 0.00,
        "Tax4Amount": 0.00,
        "Tax5Amount": 0.00
    }, {
        "Description": "CIS deduction (Shipping @ 15%)",
        "HomeCurrencyRate": -7.08,
        "HomeCurrencyVATAmount": 0.00,
        "NominalCode": 2212,
        "Number": 2,
        "ProductCode": "",
        "ProductName": "",
        "Quantity": 1.0000,
        "Rate": -7.08,
        "TaxCode": null,
        "VATAmount": 0.00,
        "VATExempt": true,
        "VATLevel": 0.0000,
        "ApplyTax1": false,
        "ApplyTax2": false,
        "ApplyTax3": false,
        "ApplyTax4": false,
        "ApplyTax5": false,
        "NominalName": "CIS Deductions",
        "ProjectName": "",
        "ProjectNumber": 0,
        "Tax1Amount": 0.00,
        "Tax2Amount": 0.00,
        "Tax3Amount": 0.00,
        "Tax4Amount": 0.00,
        "Tax5Amount": 0.00
    "NetAmount": 32.9200,
    "NextNumber": 0,
    "Number": 1830,
    "OverdueDays": 0,
    "PackingSlipPermalink": "\/v2\/documents\/packingslip\/af241a3b-8e88-4eea-9db8-7497e00ff538",
    "PaidDate": null,
    "PaymentLines": [],
    "Permalink": "\/v2\/documents\/invoice\/af241a3b-8e88-4eea-9db8-7497e00ff538",
    "PreviousNumber": 1829,
    "ReminderLetters": [],
    "Status": "Unpaid",
    "SuppressNumber": 0,
    "TotalPaidAmount": 0.0000,
    "UpdateCustomerAddress": false,
    "UpdateCustomerDeliveryAddress": false,
    "UseCustomDeliveryAddress": true,
    "VATAmount": 7.2000,
    "VATNumber": "GB 564564212121"

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