Duplicate Entity

This s a documentation page for our shiny new REST API - you weren't meant to find it. This API isn't ready for public use yet. We're chopping and changing it a LOT as we grow it. So if you build something that uses it then it's very likely to break in a future update. Don't say you weren't warned!





Response Formats:



This method allows user to create duplicate KashFlow entities from existing entities. For example, a quote can be converted to an invoice using this API.
SourceNumberNumericNumber of the entity to be copied
SourceTypeStringType of the KF entity to be copied. The possible values can be “Quote” or “Invoice”
TargetTypeStringType of the target KF entity. The possible values can be “Quote” or “Invoice”
TargetIdNumericDatabase ID of the newly created entity
TargetNumberNumericUnique number of the newly created entity

POST Operation

To copy an existing KF entity to a new KF entity.

Mandatory parameters:
1. SourceNumber
2. SourceType
3. TargetType

URL : /duplicate

To convert an existing entity (say, Quote) to another KF entity (say, Invoice)

Example request for POST of duplicate

 "SourceNumber" : 29,
 "TargetId": 0,
 "TargetNumber": 0,
 "SourceType": "Quote",
 "TargetType": "Invoice"

Example response of POST of duplicate

 "SourceNumber" : 29,
 "TargetId": 12473,
 "TargetNumber": 35,
 "SourceType": "Quote",
 "TargetType": "Invoice"

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