This s a documentation page for our shiny new REST API - you weren't meant to find it. This API isn't ready for public use yet. We're chopping and changing it a LOT as we grow it. So if you build something that uses it then it's very likely to break in a future update. Don't say you weren't warned!




Response Formats:



It allows to deliver the specified document to specifed address by using viapost third party service.
User’s viapost account must be configured before using this api.


FileNameStringName of the file to be uploaded.
DocumentUrlStringUrl of the document that needs to be sent.
BalanceDecimalUser viapost account’s balance.
Address parameters
Line1StringFirst line of address
Line2StringSeconf line of address
Line3StringThird line of address
Line4StringFourth line of address
Line5StringFifth line of address
PostCodeStringPostal code

POST Operation

Sends the specified document to specified address using viapost service. In response api returns the remaining balance of user’s viapost account. For sending document, FileName, DocumentUrl parameters are mandatory. Address parameter is required with atleast one line property.

The ‘Name’ field in the Address object is mandatory only if the ‘IncludeContactName’ setting of the ‘ViaPostSettings’ object in settings resource is true.
URL : /viapost

Example request for post of viapost

 "FileName": "SampleName",
      "Name": "xyz", 
      "Line1": "line1", 
      "Line2": "line2", 
      "Line3": "line3", 
      "Line4": "line4", 
      "Line5": "line5",
      "PostCode": "231219"
 "DocumentUrl": ""

Example response for post of viapost

 "Balance": 0.24

GET Operation

Returns the balance of user’s viapost account.
URL : /viapost/balance

Example response for get of viapost

 "Balance": 0.24

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