User Advanced Settings

This s a documentation page for our shiny new REST API - you weren't meant to find it. This API isn't ready for public use yet. We're chopping and changing it a LOT as we grow it. So if you build something that uses it then it's very likely to break in a future update. Don't say you weren't warned!




Response Formats:



This method allows you to retrieve list of user’s advanced settings.

Response elements

AutomaticCreditControlEnabledBooleanAutomatic credit control enabled for customers and invoices
ApplyManualDiscountBooleanDiscount on invoices to be applied manually or automatically
DefaultNominalCodeNumericUser’s default sales type
DefaultVATRateDecimalUser’s default VAT rate
DropboxSettingsDropboxSettingsContains Dropbox settings
JournalEnabledBooleanWhether journal is enabled or not
DateFormatStringDate format either in US or UK format
PDFInNewWindowBooleanPdf embedded in same window or to be opened in new window
ProjectsEnabledBooleanWhether project is enabled or not
QuoteTextStringUser’s customized name of quote
ShowQuoteTotalBooleanWhether total to be displayed at bottom of quote list or not
TransactionLockBooleanWhether transaction lock enabled or not
TransactionLockDateDateTransaction lock date. User won’t be able to make changes to his quotes or invoices prior to this date.
UserIdNumericUser’s unique id
VATTextStringUser’s customized name of VAT
VATRegisteredBooleanUser’s VAT registration status
ViaPostEnabledBooleanWhether Via Post enabled or not.
Via Post is a third party feature which lets you send physical post online.
AutoCalculateVATBooleanAutoCalculateVAT value indicates way of tax due calculation.Folloing are the ways :
0 – Calculate the tax due on total value of the line amount (qty * rate)
1 – Calculate the tax due on a single item and then multiply it by the quantity.


Dropbox settings response elements

UserIdNumericAccount user identity
TokenStringDropbox token
SecretStringDropbox secret key
IsEnabledForCustomersBooleanDetermines whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for customers
IsEnabledForSuppliersBooleanDeterminies whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for suppliers
IsEnabledForProjectsBooleanDetermines whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for projects
IsEnabledForInvoicesBooleanDetermines whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for invoices
IsEnabledForQuotesBooleanDetermines whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for quotes
IsEnabledForJournalsBooleanDetermines whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for journals
IsEnabledForBankAccountsBooleanDetermines whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for bank accounts
IsGoogleViewEnabledBooleanDetermines whether files uploaded to Dropbox can be viewed using Google view
IsEnabledForBankTransactionsBooleanDetermines whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for bank transactions
IsEnabledForPurchasesBooleanDetermines whether files can be uploaded to Dropbox for purchases


Payment Processor Details response elements

PaymentProcessorNameStringName of the payment processor setup on the user account
PaymentProcessorLogoStringLocation of the payment processor logo
CardTypesArrayList of card type containing display name and value (used to send when sending a cardPayment request)

GET Operation

Returns list of different advance account settings for user.

To get list of user advance account settings –

URL : /settings/advanced

Example response for GET of list of user advanced settings

  "AutomaticCreditControlEnabled": true
  "ApplyManualDiscount": true,
  "AutoCalculateVAT": false,
  "Currency": {
    "Code": null,
    "DisplaySymbolOnRight": false,
    "ExchangeRate": 0,
    "Name": null,
    "Symbol": "£         "
  "DateFormat": "DD\/MM\/YYYY",
  "DefaultNominalCode": 4908,
  "DropboxSettings": {
    "Secret": "uzy9zfd8uplh78i",
    "Token": "p118hjt4r9aeiui",
    "UserId": "9020579",
    "IsEnabledForBankAccounts": true,
    "IsEnabledForBankTransactions": false,
    "IsEnabledForCustomers": true,
    "IsEnabledForInvoices": true,
    "IsEnabledForJournals": false,
    "IsEnabledForProjects": false,
    "IsEnabledForQuotes": true,
    "IsEnabledForReceipts": true,
    "IsEnabledForSuppliers": false,
    "IsGoogleViewEnabled": true
  "JournalEnabled": true,
  "ProjectsEnabled": true,
  "PdfInNewWindow": true,
  "QuoteText": "Quote",
  "ShowQuoteTotal": false,
  "TransactionLock": false,
  "TransactionLockedDate": "2012-10-23 12:00:00",
  "UserId": 13408,
  "VATName": "VAT",
  "VATRegistered": true,
  "ViaPostEnabled": true
      "Name":"Visa Electron",
      "Name":"Visa Delta",
    "PaymentProcessorName":"BarclayCard ePDQ"

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