Statutory Reports – P45 & P60s

This article will guide you through the process of generating and accessing your employees’ P45 and P60 reports.


You can print the P45 report from two different locations:

  • Payroll > Statutory > P45
  • Employees > Overview

Either option opens up a panel where you need to click on the ‘All leavers’ tab at the top in order to find the employee record. Simply open their record and click the P45 button on the right.

P45 1

P45 2


P60s are available for printing and sending on to current/existing employees at the end of every tax year. The report cannot be given to employees who are about to leave, or those who leave in the final period of the tax year.

To print the report, navigate to Reports > Statutory > P60. The following message may appear:

P60 2

This indicates that the tax year has not been completed yet and the figures will not be accurate.

Previous years P60

Should you wish to print a P60 report for a previous tax year, you will need to click on the Rewind button at the top right of the panel to be taken to the relevant period.

Please Note: The tax year in question needs to have been completed in Kashflow to produce the report.

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