September Update v1.4.4 – Release Notes

This update of the software includes some new features and enhancements, together with any necessary legislative changes.  These notes provide information on improvements to the software.

ShPP fields added to Company Opening Balances screen

Shared Parental Pay is now included on the Company Opening Balances screen.

Remove AE Setup

You now have the ability to remove your Automatic Enrolment setup if you haven’t yet run a payroll.

Use the Remove button on the AE tab under Pension and AE |Setup Details.

Cash Advance (After Tax & NI) payslip item

We have added a Cash Advance payslip item in the pay item tree under Basic/Advance. Use this to recover a cash advance made prior to pay day from net pay.

Cash Advance is:

  • Deduction only
  • Not Taxable & Not NICable
  • Shows on payslip
  • No default units (not applicable as is cash amount)
  • Not part of minimum wage
  • Affects net pay
  • Does not affect pension
  • Does not affect AWE
  • Does not affect attachable earnings
  • excluded from stat offset
  • not Pensionable
  • not Qualifying

Cash Advance (recovered) payslip item update

We have updated the description for the existing cash advance payslip item, called Cash Advance (recovered). It is taxable and NICable which is not usual for cash advance deductions unless the cash advance payment has also been made through payroll.

The payslip item description now reads:

 “A deduction to recover a payment made in an earlier pay period because the employee needed the money. This pay item should be used to recover a taxable and NICable advance that was payrolled on a payslip as an extra amount of pay.”

KIT day payslip item

You are now able to add a Keep In Touch (KIT day) payslip item for an employee

KIT days is:

  • A payslip item type in the pay item tree under Basic|Statutory called KIT days
  • Payment only
  • Taxable & NICable
  • Shows on payslip
  • Units defaults as Days and can only be Days
  • Part of minimum wage
  • Affects net pay
  • Affects pension (see settings story)
  • Affects AWE
  • Attachable earnings
  • excluded from offset
  • Pensionable
  • Qualifying
  • Can change pensionable
  • Can change qualifying

UI to maintain cap for NHS salary in OMP schemes

The NHS tiered pay for occupational maternity leave does not apply to all employees. However, for those where it does, the employer may want to cap their maximum pay during the 8 weeks of full pay to be regular salary, even if the SMP rate or pro rata salary takes them over that for the pay period.

We have added a Cap pay to normal salary tick box, to both SMP and SAP Occupational Scheme pages. Tick the box and SMP plus Salary is capped at the period salary amount.

Tooltip text reads:

“When statutory daily rate is higher than salary daily rate, or, when adding statutory pay to pro rata salary due to the number of days in the month, an employee’s pay may be more than normal monthly salary. Check this box to deduct an amount and cap pay at normal salary.”

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