KashFlow ledger not posting

This article will take you through what to do when your KashFlow ledger from KashFlow Payroll is not posting in to your KashFlow Bookkeeping account.

Every pay date you need to post your payroll costs to your accounts system. If you use KashFlow for your accounts, KashFlow Payroll can automatically post your payroll costs direct to your nominal ledgers in KashFlow, saving you time and avoiding errors. You will need to ensure that nominal codes entered do match with both shown on KashFlow Payroll and KashFlow Bookkeeping account in order for the journal to be posted. If the codes do not match it will not post correctly.

If you haven’t done so already then please integrate KashFlow Payroll to KashFlow Bookkeeping as seen here.

If you do receive the error that your KashFlow ledger is not posting, then there is a few things you can check:

  1. Check you have your API enabled in KashFlow Bookkeeping as seen here.
  2. Check your credentials match when logging in to KashFlow Bookkeeping via KashFlow Payroll here.
  3. If at integration point the password is not being accepted, the most likely reason for this is because it may contain special characters which will need to be changed both in KashFlow bookkeeping account as well as entering the same when integrating.

If you have checked these options and the ledger is still not being posted, then please do contact the Support Team to take a look on [email protected].

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