Finalising Payslips

Finalise a Week or Month

When you have finished entering and approving all the Payslips in a period, you can finalise the Pay Date. Before letting you proceed, however, KashFlow Payroll will run some checks and give you a list of any warnings or critical problems that need attention. It is important to check that everything is correct before clicking the Finalise Period action!

You can only finalise when all the payslips have been approved by clicking “Finalise Week / Month” from the Payslips & Periods page.

When you hit the Finalise Week / Month button on this page, several things will happen automatically:

  • Information for making relating RTI submissions to this pay date is gathered and processed
  • Relevant RTI submissions are queued and sent to HMRC’s servers
  • Payslips delivered electronically will be queued to send on the Pay Date
  • Once you have finalised a pay date, you cannot subsequently change payslips within this pay date.

After Finalising

When a payroll is finished, you can:

  • Print Payslips – not needed if you have opted for the Employee Self Service option
  • Download a BACS file – only needed if you pay employees ‘electronically’
  • Generate a payment report
  • You can use the Finalised Periods tab – the period navigation bar – to return to any closed Period and reprint payslips, download BACS files, or check on the status of the RTI Submissions.

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