KashFlow customers will now find it even easier than before to integrate their accounts with top software applications like Receipt Bank, with the launch today of an Apps portal within KashFlow.

Available to KashFlow customers from within their accounts, the Apps portal showcases the top 5 apps that, together with KashFlow can generate even more efficiency for our small business customers.

APPs portal


KashFlow’s top 5 Apps are IRIS Insight, Receipt Bank, PayPal, GoCardless and Tripcatcher.

Choosing the best apps to help run your business is now even simpler with the introduction of the Apps portal that highlights the top 5. KashFlow customers will even be able to create and integrate a Receipt Bank account with KashFlow from this area.

Furthermore, with the new Apps portal, our customers will also be able to access payment processors and email organisers, amongst a range of other apps – keeping accounting records accurate, simple and always up to date.

KashFlow Product manager Mark Shaw says:

“The Apps area enables our KashFlow users to connect with third party integrations that add value to the day to day running of their business and create workflow efficiencies.”

To see the new Apps area in your KashFlow account, click here. Or try this feature and many more with a free KashFlow Trial.

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