We are really pleased to announce KashFlow’s Top 5 Apps – the third party software applications that, integrated with KashFlow, help our customers run their businesses better.

There are many reasons why small business owners love KashFlow cloud accounting software. It’s easy-to-use, accessible wherever you are, and packed with features that make bookkeeping, accounting and even payroll management that much easier.

There’s also the fact that KashFlow has a powerful API that allows for the seamless integration of other applications, that together streamline business processes and help save time for owners and managers. And at KashFlow, we know that time is one of the most valuable commodities for an SME.

Dozens of apps that take care of payments and receipt processing, marketing, time scheduling and so much more, are all ready to be integrated with KashFlow, including our Top 5:

gear1 (1)[1]GearShift

For the financially focused SME, the GearShift forecasting app allows you to create accurate profit, balance sheet and cashflow forecasts for your business, quickly and easily. This empowers you to make smarter decisions and achieve your business goals.

For accountants looking for even more ways to add value to their client relationships, GearShift is also an incredibly valuable tool. It gives you the ability to effortlessly create financial forecasts for your clients, and because GearShift has powerful cash-flow management and scenario planning features, it allows you to spot any potential issues early and develop effective solutions for your clients.

Kevin Cowan – Managing Director, Level10 (GearShift) says:

“The combination of IRIS software products (KashFlow) and GearShift, provides a powerful blend of industry knowledge and innovation, which will be useful to all accountancy firms and their clients.”


GoCardless makes collecting by direct debit easy for everyone from SMEs to accountants. GoCardless is the UK’s leading online Direct Debit provider, with thousands of merchants managing their Direct Debit collections using the GoCardless online tool or API.

Affordable, easy to use and packed with features like automated billing, detailed reports and customisation options, GoCardless makes managing and collecting Direct Debits simple.

Using KashFlow and GoCardless together means business owners can say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming bookkeeping and payment tracking, saving them money and time that can be better spent on growing their business.

Receipt BankReceipt Bank

The award winning Receipt Bank application extracts the data from your invoices and receipts and publishes it seamlessly into KashFlow, providing a near real time view of your accounts.

Receipt Bank is used globally by 2,300+ firms of forward-thinking accountants and bookkeepers, and thousands of clients who are looking to use cloud technology to grow their businesses.

Receipt Bank is equally useful for accountants and bookkeepers seeking to save time and add value to their service and SMEs aiming to alleviate the data entry of invoices and receipts, as well as give their business a competitive edge


Capture your business mileage easily using Tripcatcher, the mileage expense app that integrates with KashFlow through Receipt Bank, to easily update your expenses in your accounting software.

Tripcatcher saves SMEs time and money by helping you manage pesky mileage claims, using mobile and web apps. Your mileage claims are published seamlessly from Tripcatcher to Receipt Bank ready to post to KashFlow.

KashFlow Partner Peter Bell at Carlton Commercial says:

“Tripcatcher is the missing link in managing expenses! It’s a great time saver – no more messy spreadsheets or bits of paper- our clients love it.”

Accountants can also add even more value to the service they offer their clients, by using Tripcatcher, together with Receipt Bank, to manage their clients’ mileage and expenses.


KashFlow connects to your PayPal account and retrieves details of sales, customers, purchases and suppliers. It updates/creates relevant new customer/supplier records and invoices based on that information, or assigns the payments to existing invoices.

KashFlow can automatically generate your invoices and send them via email as PDF files so you don’t have to. It can even include PayPal payment buttons on these email invoices so your customers just have to click and pay.

Visit our new-look app page and find more apps to help you run your business with KashFlow.


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