Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank’s awarding-winning service extracts the data from your invoices and receipts and publishes it seamlessly into KashFlow, providing a near real time view of your accounts.

Flexible submission choices mean you’ll never lose another document as it’s easy to submit them instantly via:

  • iPhone and android app
  • Email
  • Post
  • Dropbox

…and many more

Receipt Bank gives you:

  • More time – no more manual data entry.
  • More space – secure online storage of your documents as required by tax authorities around the world.
  • Your financial data quickly – better business insights for making better business decisions.

Who is it for?

Receipt Bank has been revolutionising bookkeeping for small business since 2010. We pioneered automation in the collection and data extraction of receipts and expenses. Our award-winning artificial intelligence and automation technologies now help more than 5,000 accounting and bookkeeping firms and tens of thousands of small businesses across the globe create cost savings by unlocking the value of bookkeeping and real-time accounting. Backed by Insight Venture Partners and Kennet Partners we are signing up thousands of new customers every month and growing at more than 100% every year.

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Any questions please do contact [email protected].

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