One week since the launch of the all-new KashFlow online community, Canvass, and we are pleased to announce that some very popular features have already been made available for our customers.

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Canvass was launched last week to replace the former KashFlow suggestion centre, with the new user platform focusing on being an interactive space for our customers to share their ideas, interact directly with members of our product team, and vote on features they want to see.

It’s all about driving the ongoing development of KashFlow based on the real needs of our valued customers.

This week we’re happy to tick off some requested features:

  • Product Codes in Drop Down List (79 votes) – Now available offering our customers the ability to track products by code when creating a purchase.
  • Cash Flow Report (288 votes) – The new integration with the GearShift forecasting app now delivers this.
  • Expense Manager for Car Mileage & Other Expenses (173 votes) – Another new app integration announced this week is with Tripcatcher for brilliant expense management.

Tripcatcher and GearShift are 2 of KashFlow’s Top 5 Apps announced this week.

Want to get involved in KashFlow Canvass? Click here.

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