We’re really pleased to announced that KashFlow has launched it’s brand-new online user community, Canvass, a space for our customers to interact, suggest new ideas and get involved in the ongoing development of KashFlow.

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Canvass looks to engage our clients in an all new interactive, responsive way.

Interact with the KashFlow Product Management Team

The KashFlow product management team value feedback as vital to the development and success of our products, so they will be on hand to enable and join discussions on Canvass.

KashFlow Feature Updates

Customers on Canvass will be updated in real-time about upcoming KashFlow feature releases, and will also be invited to comment upon features that have been proposed both by fellow users and our product management team.

KashFlow Top Requested Features

Customer will also still able to cast their vote on the issues that are most important to them, and be part of debates to determine what gets moved up the list. The voting area will be closely monitored by our product team who will offer updates and feedback on the issues raised, and of course strive to implement the desired features.

Click here to see the all new Canvass and get involved.

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