It’s been another great month for Canvass, the KashFlow user community. In the last 30 days, we have interacted with over 1,000 KashFlow users to collect some great feedback, heading towards another exciting release. As always, we like to keep our users up to date with the updates and developments that we have delivered in the last 30 days:

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  • We have enhanced the KashFlow user experience on iPad devices, fixing issues that had arisen with drop-down menus so that users can now access their sales and product codes from drop-down menus when creating an invoice or purchase. Additionally iPad users now also have the ability to use the log in/sign out button more effectively and without delays.
  • Customers told us that they loved our transaction lock feature, but they could not add a payment to an invoice that is dated before the transaction lock date once it has passed. This capability has now been added.
  • We have added to our VAT MOSS compliance, adding fixed establishments to enable our users to create a more comprehensive report of overseas offices when uploading their VAT MOSS report.
  • We have made improvements to the CSV import after our customers made us aware that an invalid line on an invoice would simply not appear in the import, rather than alerting the user to the problem and asking them to re-import. This has now been fixed, so you will never find an invoice line missing after an import again!
  • Our users that take advantage of our fantastic integration with Dropbox will now be able to download and view files within the UI rather than having to leave KashFlow to access their documents.


  • We have ran some great surveys on Canvass this month, including asking our users how they manage risk in their business when taking on customers, and what their preferred method of chasing payments is, with a view to enhancing our functionality to help with this.
  • There are some exciting surveys to come this month, including a review of our finance management options.


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