There’s great news for small business owners this week with the latest update to the KashFlow Payroll automatic enrolment feature, making it a complete, all-in-one, online solution.

Auto enrolment no longer needs to be a burden on small businesses, with KashFlow Payroll making it easy to comply with the workplace pensions laws. KashFlow Payroll users, who have yet to enrol their workforce into a pensions scheme, can now easily tick off all the tasks needed to comply with the legislation, all from within their online Payroll account.

Picture1This week, we deployed ‘output files’ in KashFlow Payroll, which allows our users to communicate with their chosen pension provider as part of the workplace pension reform.

Output files will allow employers to generate the required files for NEST, NOW Pensions and The People’s Pension that will communicate the necessary information about contributions, opt-outs, joiners and leavers and so on.

This is a key responsibility of employers as laid out by the auto enrolment laws. Thanks to KashFlow, it is a responsibility that can be easily met as the update delivers a fully compliant, end to end solution to deal with the changes in legislation.

In March, we introduced another significant update to the KashFlow Payroll auto enrolment functionality, allowing users to generate the necessary communications for their employees. This update included pre-approved letter templates, based on the outcome of each individual employee assessment.

KashFlow Payroll’s complete automatic enrolment solution now offers:

  • Pension scheme setup wizard including postponement and deferrals
  • Automated assessment within each payroll run, enrolling eligible employees and calculating contributions
  • Communications automatically generated for each employee
  • Output files generated for chosen pension provider(s)

“KashFlow has recognised the burden that Automatic Enrolment duties will place on the SME, as a result we have delivered fantastic compliance functionality to our users, removing the pain from automatic enrolment and delivering an affordable, simple, end to end solution for small businesses in the cloud.”

A full guide to setting up automatic enrolment in KashFlow Payroll can be found here.

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