The tide seems to be turning against our entrepreneurial friend, Tugg Gently.

It’d be fair to say he’s been in choppy waters since his first video “All Aboard To Profit Island” and last weeks episode on Social Media Success.

I’ve seen many comments, such as:

– He’s not even started a business before!
– I’ve learnt nothing from watching his videos
– All his books are self published (and out of stock).
– He’s all style and no substance.
– There’s nothing tangible or actionable in the advice he gives
– His column in the FT is poorly written and self-serving
– He’s  an egotistical, ignorant narcissist
– He talks about social media, yet only follows one person on Twitter.
– He has no track record of successful investments (besides No No Gnomez)

They’re all points that are difficult to argue with.
But then, the same could be said of many of the so-called business gurus doing the rounds.

It’s even been suggested to me that I should distance myself from him, and quickly.
That us getting involved with him was a serious error of judgement on my part.

But Tugg has a gun, as you’ll see in this video. And if there’s only one rule I live my life by, then it’s:
Don’t argue with a passionate man that carries a gun.

So it’s with great  reluctance that I now introduce to you episode 3 (of 6):

Attracting Corporate Clients

All Tugg Videos

1) All Aboard To Profit Island
Tugg introduces himself and this series of videos.

2) Social Media Success
Tugg talks about the various social media platforms that small businesses should be using by comparing each platform to a body part.

3) Attracting Corporate Clients
Tugg discusses how to hunt down corporate cash cows

4) Defining and Refining your Business Model
Using a farm analogy, Tugg talks about business models

5) Calculating Your Market Attention Triumvirate
A useful formula for any type of business – what’s your MAT?

6) Hires, Fires and Suppliers
Tugg rolls up his sleeves in the corporate kitchen to talk about your staff and suppliers.

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