If you’re involved in the UK start-up scene then you’ll undoubtedly be aware of Phillip “Tugg” Gently.

As his Twitter bio states, he’s a “Serial Entrepreneur, VC, Thought Leader, Start-up Guru and best-selling Business Author. Ex MI5.”

You can find out much more about Tugg’s interesting journey to date, his business philosophy and his investments over at tugggently.com.

When I recently met Tugg he offered to do a series of webcasts so he can touch readers of this blog and share his wisdom. I immediately took him up on the offer. How could I not?

Below is the first of these “Bulletins on Business”-  or “The BOB Sessions” – where Tugg Gently introduces himself and tells you what he’ll be covering in upcoming episodes.

Make sure you check back here on Friday 5th August for the first proper installment where Tugg will talk about social media. (or join his mailing list to be notified)

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All Tugg Videos

1) All Aboard To Profit Island
Tugg introduces himself and this series of videos.

2) Social Media Success
Tugg talks about the various social media platforms that small businesses should be using by comparing each platform to a body part.

3) Attracting Corporate Clients
Tugg discusses how to hunt down corporate cash cows

4) Defining and Refining your Business Model
Using a farm analogy, Tugg talks about business models

5) Calculating Your Market Attention Triumvirate
A useful formula for any type of business – what’s your MAT?

6) Hires, Fires and Suppliers
Tugg rolls up his sleeves in the corporate kitchen to talk about your staff and suppliers.

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