RapidFireOne of the things holding back adoption of web-based accounting software amongst professionals is the speed of data entry

There’s lots that can be done with smart coding, AJAX and other technologies, but when it comes to accounting nothing on the web is going to compare to the speed of data entry achievable with a desktop application.

And of course, it’s with the company accounts where there is often a high volume of data to be keyed in.

I’ve been hinting for a while now that we have a solution in the pipeline for this problem. Well, now it’s out there. Today we announced the release of RapidFire.

It’s a downloadable application for Windows only (including x64 editions), and is currently only available to accountants who use our Orbit Accounts system.

Rather than repeat a whole load of “how it works” stuff here, I’ll instead direct you to the RapidFire pages on the OrbitAccounts site.


I guess the biggie here is that we have always been focussed purely on web-based software, and this is a desktop application.

I’m no SaaS-zealot, if a desktop app is better suited to the job than a web-based app then so be it!

As I say above, it’s currently only available to accountants using Orbit Accounts – we are intending to make this available directly to end users at some point in the near future.

Update: Ben Kepes at Diversity has written up his thoughts on this new product: KashFlow and Some Connective Reality

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