RapidFire – A Desktop Application For Rapid Data Entry

What is RapidFire?

RapidFire addresses two common requests from accountants using IRIS KashFlow Connect and KashFlow: A desire to work offline when necessary and a ‘batch entry’ provision to speed up data entry.

Work offline

There may be times where it is necessary to continue to enter data in to KashFlow despite not having access to an internet connection.

RapidFire addresses this by allowing a program to be downloaded and installed on your local machine and for transactions to be recorded offline ready for upload into your clients’ KashFlow accounts once an internet connection becomes available again.

Batch entry

Entering individual sales and purchases via a web interface can prove time consuming for bookkeepers who need to enter a large amount of data quickly.

So RapidFire provides the ability to enter multiple sales and supplier invoices in a single line-by-line batch, and even includes short cut keys to speed up data entry further.

How to use RapidFire

We have a step by step guide on how to use RapidFire that starts on this page.

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