Over the past ten years or so there has, quite rightly, been a lot of discussion around whether or not the ‘traditional’ way of working is relevant anymore. With working from home and the prevalence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies on the rise, there’s no doubt that things are already changing.

A cursory glance at careers pages of cutting edge players like Stripe demonstrates the fact that money is no longer the defining factor for job hunters; flexible hours and attractive benefits are more key than ever to winning over potential new employees. Here at KashFlow, for example, we recently introduced flexi-time, company long lunches and the ability to work from home (oh, and we’re hiring, if you’re interested!).

For the self employed, however, things can be a little different. When you’re a freelancer or a small business owner it can be difficult to get away from work because, when you make your own hours, it’s easy to believe that the more hours you work the more money you’ll make. However, books like The Four Hour Work Week (pretty prescient, given it was published almost a decade ago) argue that cutting hours out can be more beneficial than working more of them; TFHWW argues that by outsourcing admin tasks you free up your time to focus on your core skills and promote efficiency.

Here at KashFlow we’re big fans of automation, something I’m sure you all know by now, so we were interested to read this infographic (featuring us!) by Richard from Who Is Hosting This? about how to outsource your life. Enjoy!

Hint: Click the image to enlarge it if you’re struggling to read the text!

The Lazy Geek's Guide-revised

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