The average person spends over 90,000 hours of their life at work. If you’ve ever had a job somewhere you really hated, you probably know that even one hour can feel like a long time. Just imagine another 89,999 like that…

At KashFlow, we try to make work fun. Yes, there’s always a lot to get done, but we hope that providing an open environment, where ideas that are new and out of the ordinary are encouraged, means you’ll never find yourself counting down the minutes to home time.

We realised long ago that business, especially here at KashFlow, is all about people. Externally, we are recognised for offering outstanding, friendly, human support. Internally, we have the same focus, and do our very best to create an inspirational culture that focuses on career development and individual growth.

KashFlow is no longer a scrappy startup, fighting to survive – we have tens of thousands of users in 140 countries, with hundreds of people accessing the software every day. We have secured finance for growth and are set to make 2013 our year.

When people think vacuum cleaners, they used to think Hoover. Now they think Dyson. When people think music, they used to think CDs. Now they think iPods. When people think accounting software, they think boring. They think jargon. They think clunky. Ready to help us change that?

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