Trains journeys are one of the few times I get to just sit and read so I was looking forward to reading some more of Atlas Shrugged on my train home last night.

I think I actually swore out loud when I realised my iPad battery was dead and I hadn’t synced the book to my phone.

As there were no abandoned copies of the Evening Standard around I instead used my time to catch up on the various blogs I subscribe to via Google Reader (they were synched to my phone!)

With over 1,000 unread posts (yes, I’ve been slacking lately) there was a fair amount of chaff in there.

But I noticed that of the posts I really enjoyed, most were from the Unmarketing blog.

You an guess from the title that it’s a marketing-focused blog. There’s some really great content there.

So as well as a FollowFriday tweet today (done properly), I thought I’d post this as a Friday blog recommendation.

All I need now is a catchy hashtag and the idea of bloggers regularly recommending other blogs they like just might catch on.

You can read the UnMarketing blog at

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