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It’s Friday, yay!

Friday on Twitter is “Follow Friday”.

The idea is that you suggest to your followers who else they should follow by tweeting their names and putting using the hashtag #FollowFriday or the shorter #FF.

But more often than not #FF tweets are useless and don’t result in any new followers for the person/people you’re recommending.

This is because most people will just tweet a list of names of “great people”, but with no reason WHY they’re great or why anyone would be interested in following them.

A useless FF tweet:

#FF these great tweeters @danversbaillieu, @RACarter, @10Yetis, @alansmoore

A useful FF tweet:

Essential #FF if you’re a UK tech entrepreneur: @danversbaillieu (Lawyer) @RACarter (Ops & Finance) @10Yetis (PR) @alansmoore (Accountant)

Do your #FFs a favour, give reasons why they should be followed!

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