As we wrote earlier this week, we emailed our customers a poem in hopes of finding our one true Valentine.

Actually, we asked them to tell us how much they love us in exchange for chocolates.


We weren’t sure what to expect, but the results were amazing!

Within minutes the poems came flooding in.

Customers posted loads of poems to our Facebook page about KashFlow, Duane, and love in general. Some of our customers even emailed their poetry to our Support Team! But it didn’t stop at just poetry – we saw a significant increase in our Facebook page ‘likes’  and even more engagement online.

But honestly, it was just really great chatting with our customers and tons of fun reading their poetry. More than once we burst into giggles or simultaneous “Awws” at what our users wrote. (Though we are jealous that Duane didn’t let us keep the chocolates for ourselves!)


Luckily the winner was determined by the number of ‘likes’ they received, so we didn’t have to feel guilty about picking just one favourite. (There were far too many great ones for that!)

First place:  Steve Bryant with 64 ‘likes’ at the time the competition closed.

There’s something about KashFlow,
That makes me really glow,

Perhaps it’s because it’s easy to use,
Because for me, I can’t change a fuse.

Or maybe it’s the colour scheme,
Making my reports truly beam.

Why do I write this poem i here you say…
Because i’m a big fan of chocolate, and a box would make my day.

I leave you with a a final note,
KashFlow Software helps keep me afloat!

Second placeDavid Tilton came in second with 56 ‘likes’. He had been holding a steady first for the majority of the competition until Steve came out of nowhere with an impressive amount of votes.

Ode to Our KashFlow Valentine

Bookkeeping’s drudgery is no more
with KashFlow’s facile graces.
We enter transactions from the store
and smiles grow on our faces.

Importing from PayPal: seamless and quick!
Integration magic, it’s quite the trick.

Oh, Blessed KashFlow, won’t you relent
And see what you do to our bottom line?
Since lesser software has left us spent,
Dearest, oh Dearest, be our Valentine!

Special mention: And finally, we’d like to give a special mention to Sue Lee. her poem received 24 ‘likes’, a whopping 28 comments and was even posted on a blog about accounting jokes and fun by @BookMarkLee on Twitter.

A Sexy Poem About KashFlow, in the style of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg (with apologies to the easily offended. And poetry lovers.)

I knew it was forever the first time that we met;
You understood my discount yield and reconciled my debt.
You deftly spread my balance sheets and made me lose control;
Accounts became receivable; you filled my software hole.

My profit margins maximise whenever you are near;
My lump sums get much lumpier; my hedge fund feels all queer.
You use your column expertly to maximise returns;
My assets start to liquify; my compound interest burns….

You touch my bottom line with skill and fondle my arrears;
Your double-entry bookkeeping can leave me close to tears.
My cash has never flowed so well, my funds are all now sunk;
Oh, come and lay me off to tax, you great big KashFlow hunk!!!


So thank you, everyone who submitted and voted – we had a great time and hope you did, too!

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!



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