All year our customers tell us how much they love us and we’re really grateful for the  lovely messages we receive

But with so many customers now, sending them all a dozen roses would cost a fortune.

So Valentines Day seemed the perfect time to find our one true love and send them a tonne of chocolate.

We sent out this poem:

But with over ten thousand users, finding our true love is hard.

If you think you’re the one, post a poem to our Facebook page!
We’re going to find our Valentine, with the social network of our age

Write about the accounting software or perhaps a member of the team,
Have we changed your business life? Does our support make you beam?

Share your love ditty on our Facebook and get ‘likes’ for your post,
We’ll count the ‘likes’ on Wednesday night. The winner will have the most

Hurry now and get it done, don’t stop to put on socks.
Because to our true valentine we’ll send a massive chocolate box!

The response has been overwhelming.

Visit our FaceBook page to submit your own poem or to “like” your favourite.

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