One of the great things about running a growing business that’s starting to make a bit of a splash is that you get invited to pretty exclusive events and get to meet some big overachievers.

I was at just such a small event last night. The room was full of successful business owners. I’m only going to drop two names in this blog post, but there were over a dozen people whose name and/or company name you’d instantly recognise.

Two conversations illustrated how central customer service is to two successful companies.

I spotted that Charles Dunstone (CEO and Founder of Carphone Warehouse) was using an iPhone 3. When I asked why he hadn’t got an iPhone 4 yet his response was that demand from customers was so high that if he took one, one of his customers would lose out.

Next up, John Griffin  – founder of of Addison Lee ( Londons largest minicab service) . There was a tube strike yesterday and taxis were very much in demand. He has over 2,400 minicabs at his disposal but walked to the event rather than taking a car as he usually did. Why? If he used one of his cabs, it’d mean one of his customers were let down.

It’d be easy to  assume they’re both carefully crafted PR lines – but I genuinely believe they both meant what they said.

Certainly something for us all to aspire to. Especially for me as customer service  is so important in what we do at KashFlow.

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