Congratulations to KashFlow customer Pinksheep who showcased the best invoice in our recent Invoice Competition! A brand new iPad Mini is heading your way.

KashFlow’s invoicing feature is already a firm favourite among our customers, not only because it is incredibly simple to use (it takes just minutes to set up an invoice, and customers can also set up automated invoicing for recurring payments), but also because they are fully customisable.

Professional invoicing is a key part of running a business and, done right, can bolster any business’s relationship with its client base, while also making the payment side of things much easier. KashFlow’s invoicing feature allows businesses to easily create fully customisable invoices that can help them get paid faster (thanks to elements such as Pay Online buttons) and improve customer relationships (with a professional looking, quality invoices that can be emailed directly from KashFlow).

The KashFlow Invoice Competition has shown just how creatively and strategically our customers are modifying their KashFlow invoices to reflect the unique nature of their businesses, while still adding real professionalism to what they do.

We spent a LONG time comparing the entries and deciding the ultimate victor (and trust us, this wasn’t easy to do).

After much debate, we managed to narrow down our favourites to three finalists.

What were we looking for:

Best use of customisation
Stand out style
Best use of invoicing elements such as ‘pay now’ buttons
Other additions (like social media links etc)

Basically, we were looking for the ultimate in invoicing individuality. We asked ourselves what we would like to receive if we were paying customers, and we also looked for those key elements that add that extra element of professionalism.


In 3rd PlaceTim’s Solutions Web Design and Developmenttimsolutions

This invoice stands out immediately with the business logo and colours a clear part of the design element. The distinct box style they use clearly shows what the customer is being invoiced for, the rate for the service and the total price. Our favourite element? The range of payment options detailed at the bottom of the invoice.









In 2nd PlaceQuikfire Creative Media Solutions

It’s no surprise that Quikfire are design specialists, because their invoice is an excellent example of how businesses can customise their KashFlow invoices with their logo and branding. Quikfire also went a step further in making their invoice really stand out by adding social media buttons to the bottom of the invoice. Our favourite element? Adding a clickable button for an online Customer Satisfaction Survey.






The WinnerPinksheep Print

With great use of customised branding and a clear layout, Pinksheep have developed a unique, stand out invoice that also exudes professionalism. Our favourite element? Adding a ‘Click to pay’ button (that is also in the company colours) to allow their customers to be pay their invoices online.


Congratulations Pinksheep!

Read more about Pinksheep, and how they use KashFlow software as the core system for their business, here.

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