The KashFlow customer case study blog series has shown us many things, but two things really stand out:

  • One, KashFlow customers are quite simply the best (and seriously, thank you to all).
  • Two, real success CAN be seen by using our simple accounting software solutions for business.

Time and again, with every new entry we log in our case study file, we hear about how KashFlow’s time-saving, easy-to-use software is helping real businesses see growth. Whether it’s because of the simple invoicing service, the host of automated features KashFlow boasts, the award-winning support team or our brilliant Payroll service, our software is helping our customers secure a bright, successful future.Pinksheep

Another match made in accounting software heaven has been the awesome pairing of Pinksheep and KashFlow, a match that Pinksheep says has been “paramount” in their growth.

Pinksheep provides business printing, promotional and marketing printing and custom clothing for businesses of all size. With a strong marketing background (and excellent sense of humour) the company offers far more than just a bog-stand printing service, offering fair and honest prices and high quality goods.

They also offer a huge range of services, everything from business cards printing and letterhead printing, to great promotional goods like beer mats and playing cards. They also cater to the charity sector, offering printing services at special rates for registered charities across the UK.

With unrivaled quality, a huge range of products and an all important ‘human-touch’ (think bespoke finishes and more), Pinksheep already has a loyal, growing client base who rave about these printing and marketing pros.

How has Kashflow helped?pinksheep's sheep

Pinksheep says that KashFlow makes up the core of their business service, with our simple accounting software providing them with options for every aspect of the business, from issuing quotes to chasing payments, managing their payroll and more. They’ve also made use of KashFlow’s powerful API, by integrating their website and their KashFlow account. This means their client ordering structure can be easily managed online, with the order immediately added into KashFlow, and invoices automatically emailed to the clients.

Pinksheep clients can also login to their Pinksheep accounts and view their invoices and payment status, view quotes, print PDF versions of their invoices and more – with all this data being pulled from KashFlow.

“With KashFlow, we have a clear overview of our financial situation. We have utilised pretty much all of the available features in KashFlow which has lead to an incredibly powerful system, it almost feels tailored to our needs .” Phil Law, Pinksheep Director. Tweet this

Thanks Pinksheep and good luck!

Read more about the brilliant Pinksheep and KashFlow pairing here.


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