FireBack in March I said that we would give you our software for free for a year if you sent us your copy of an old-fashioned, boxed software for our bonfire.

After a slow start, the boxes have now started coming in thick and fast – much to the annoyance of our postman.  No “slow-burn” puns please. Some of the thicker manuals have already gone up in flames after being used as firelighters for bank holiday barbecues.

As well as the expected copies of various versions of Sage and Quickbooks, we’ve also had an unexpectedly high number of MYOB products. I suspect this is due to experiences like this with new owners, Mamut.

What’s been really entertaining for us all here is reading the notes that have come with some of the packages:

I would like to take advantage of your kind offer to rid myself of poxy software and jump ship to KashFlow. Here’s looking forward to never having to use bloated accounts packages again!

Dear KashFlow, Please find my old Sage software enclosed which you may destroy!

If you need any help putting the fire out, I will gladly urinate on my copy of Quickbooks after it’s been burnt to a cinder. More power to KashFlow!

The original offer was meant to finish at the end of April. Due to how popular it’s been we’re going to extend it until the end of July.

Same rules apply as last time:

  • We must receive your product in it’s original Quickbooks/MYOB/Sage packaging and with proof of purchase.
  • We can withdraw this offer at any time
  • New customers only
  • Your product must arrive with us on or before 31st July 2009
  • Your product must have been purchased prior to 5/03/2009 (the date this offer was first announced)
  • Offer not available to anyone who types ‘KashFlow’ (lower case F)

Send your package to our postal address and be sure to include your username.

If you’re not already trying KashFlow – sign up for a free trial here.

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