KashFlow is now free for existing MYOB, Quickbooks, or Sage users.

We’ve decided that for a limited time only (until the end of April to be precise) we are going to give KashFlow away for free for the first year to any new customers that can send us their existing copy of an MYOB, Quickbooks or Sage products.

How it works:

Register for a 60 day free trial of KashFlow here
If you like what you see then send us your Quickbooks, MYOB or Sage product to our postal address, along with your username.
We’ll then upgrade your account to a paid subscription with an expiry date of one year after your trial expires. So in effect, you’re getting 14 months for free.
Just like all of our customers, you’ll get free support and upgrades for life.

Why we are doing this:

  • Some people are only realising the benefits of web-based software after splashing out silly sums of money on boxed software.
  • In the current economic climate, it’s easier to stick to the inferior software you already have rather than pay a small monthly fee for something better.
  • Some start-ups have been tricked (sorry, there’s no other word for it) by their bank into buying Sage or Quickbooks, only to get it home and realise it’s too difficult to use.
  • KashFlow (the company) is in profit and the business model means it costs very little to add new customers – so we can afford to do this to win over market share.

The small print:

We must receive your product in it’s original Quickbooks/MYOB/Sage packaging and with proof of purchase.
We can withdraw this offer at any time
New customers only
Your product must arrive with us on or before 30th April 2009
Your product must have been purchased prior to 5/03/2009
Offer not available to anyone who types ‘KashFlow’ (lower case F)
We reserve the right to have a huge bonfire containing all the boxed software we receive.

So if you’ve been thinking about seeing what all the fuss is about, this is the best time to take KashFlow for a spin.

Update: Offer now extended to the end of July ’09 – see here

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