Price increase.The safety of data is a major concern for every online small business owner. The internet can provide many business opportunities, but it also serves as an entry point to malware and viruses that can block or even steal company information. To celebrate the arrival of Safer Internet Day, observed every second week of February to generate awareness of a safer internet experience for everyone, we look at what every small business should keep in mind to stay safe and productive online.

Keep your security software up to date

As technology advances, so do new threats, so it’s imperative to update your software on a regular basis. Ideally, you want your security software to scan not just your existing software, but all other files for viruses, like email attachments for example.

Make staff internet-savvy

Ensure that staff are at the very least aware of the latest dangers and the safety precautions that they need to take when surfing the web. Training courses can help enhance staff’s knowledge of internet security, helping ensure that everyone is responsible for ensuring safe internet practice.

Compute in the cloud

KashFlow is small business bookkeeping that’s ‘cloud hosted’ which means that your information is not just secure, but it means you can use it wherever you have internet access.

To give another example, cloud-based platform IRIS HR securely stores important employee information like employee roles, contract and salary info – so you won’t need to sweat about losing sensitive information when things go pear shaped.

If a nasty virus happened to wreak havoc on your computer, your cloud-stored data will be safe from harm as cloud storage servers use multiple security layers that help keep it protected.

KashFlow helps small businesses easily keep on track of crucial tasks so they can feel more in control. Quick and easy to set up with no download required, currently over 70,000 subscribers use KashFlow to generate online quotes, create fully customisable invoices, balance their books and keep track of their business spend.

For a free, no-obligation 1-2-1 demo of the software just call the KashFlow onboarding team on  0844 815 5779.

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