It’s been one month since the launch of KashFlow Canvass and we are delighted to announce some fantastic feedback from our users and exciting activity on our customer forums.


Over the last 30 days, exactly 2,046 unique users have interacted with our product management team using KashFlow Canvass, suggesting new features that they would like to see in KashFlow, voting on existing requests and interacting with other users via our customer forum, which now has a number of topics listed that we would like to hear even more feedback on.

Our Requested Features section has been by far the most popular section of the community, with 175 requested features now stored on Canvass. This month, we are delighted to announce that 30 requests have been delivered to our users, including:

Our top requested features remain: multi-user permission (490 votes); the ability to create multi-currency bank accounts within KashFlow (417 votes) and increased options for our users to interact with customers through KashFlow, including a customer portal to view information (405 votes), the ability to send customer statements on a set date (328 votes) and the ability to store multiple customer contacts (302 votes).

To have your say about, or to cast your vote for any of these features, just click on the links above to go to the request in KashFlow Canvass.

Continuous feedback from our users is enabling us to build a better picture of exactly what is required to deliver this functionality and direct our development team towards the best possible solution for our users. Our top requested features form an integral part of our product roadmap, and continuous development is bringing us one step closer to ticking off the big ones!

Our ‘hottest’ ideas recently include the introduction of advanced Date Entering Shortcuts, which is currently with our development team and should be visible within the application shortly. We have also taken a number of requests for greater integration with GoCardless this month, which has led to some fantastic discussions with the GoCardless team and some advanced integration to come in line with our Top 5 Apps launch.

Our surveys meanwhile continue to give us real time feedback on ideas that we have in the product team, including the introduction of a global payments app within KashFlow and the development of our integration with online payment processors. In total, we have had nearly 1,500 responses to our ‘Ask Canvass’ surveys, so thank you to everyone who has participated!

It has been a great first month for Canvass, with users experiencing a 100% increase in engagement with our product team, up from 9% at the start of the year to a fantastic 90% interaction with users, through responses to suggested features or via our customer forum or announcements area. We aim to increase this even further, reaching out to every single KashFlow user through our community. If you haven’t yet signed up to KashFlow Canvass, please register at and take a look around.

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