We’ve redecorated!

There’s a couple of posts to come on the new website. We’ll start with the credits. In putting together the new KashFlow website we found out that not all freelancers are rubbish. In fact, everyone we’ve dealt with has been a massive asset to the project and we simply *insert cliché* couldn’t have done it without them.

James Kemp – WordPress development

James gives freelancers a good name. He was massively helpful and with a big move of the whole website to WordPress we needed some custom plugins developed. This includes our Tweet Importer and our testimonials plugin. We’ll be making these available publicly soon. James builds custom plugins and develops off-the-shelf plugins you can buy.

Cribble – Animation

Scott at Cribble was my first, and in truth my only, choice to produce the ‘concept’ video (a video to explain the concept of KashFlow). The timing, design, style, variety and all around perfection of his portfolio is just spectacular. His attention to detail blew me away.

Right from the start he was professional and the results speak for themselves.

We really hope we get the opportunity to work with him again.

Craig Green – copywriter/voice director extraordinaire

We’ve tried, many a time, to convince Craig to up-sticks in Cornwall with his wife and two baby boys to work full time at KashFlow. We’ve failed, unfortunately.

He’s worked tirelessly on the copy for the new KashFlow website. From tweaking and changing to completely rewriting or writing from scratch, the results are brilliant. We’re extremely happy with the end results.

And because we can’t convince him to move his family into the city it means he’s available to write. And when he’s not writing for us he writes for his own publishing company.

Louise Fennimore – Agent, Noel Gay Artists

Louise worked tirelessly to ensure we got everything we needed for the voiceover for the animation on our website. She worked with our ridiculously tight deadline and the end product, I’m sure you will agree, is brilliant.

Stephen Fry – Voice over

In searching for the perfect voiceover for our video we decided to get a voice you would recognise. Once we had thought of Stephen Fry we simply couldn’t change our minds! So we looked into it, and guess what, we could. He was a consummate professional. On the day of recording, reading a script we’d slaved over brought some magic to our ears. See the video on our homepage.

Jay Alborn – Deep Blue Sound

Jay took our voice recording, which was already great, and made it sound, well, professional. Like something you’d hear on the radio.

XenForo – Forums

We’ve changed forum providers. We used to use VBulletin but the management tools were horrible. With XenForo we can easily do what we need to do. It was easy to set up. We’re still working on the design but it’s all set up and ready for you to have a play.

Duane Jackson – Founder & CEO of KashFlow

His input has been invaluable over the course of the redesign. He did nearly force us to use a really bad logo, though. But I’ll save that for a later blog post. In the last five days before going live, Duane worked tirelessly to ready the website for you to see. I can’t thank him enough. And no, he doesn’t pay me to say that…not online anyway.

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