APIOur program of integrations via our API is really gathering pace now.

I’ve just announced on Twitter (where we now announce virtually all our news first) that we now have 3 more world-class applications integrated with us.

Javelin CRM

First up is Javelin CRM. This is a web-based (SaaS) Customer Relationship Management application.

Do check out the video on that page as it nicely illustrates how to get very tight integration between two powerful applications. This is the first CRM package to integrate with KashFlow,  so they can expect to pick up a fair number of customers from us.


Earlier in the year we announced integration from WorkflowMax for management of time and projects. We now have two similar apps more to add to the mix.  Using ProWorkflow you can automate processes, manage projects, tasks and time tracking on line, share documents and collaborate, track time with Widget as well as access your information at anytime from anywhere.

Paymo Timetracker

Paymo is a great application for tracking the time you spend on different projects. The basic version is totally free. Now it’s fully integrated with KashFlow you can very quickly and easily create invoices for the various projects you’re working on. See www.paymo.biz to get started.

Besides the above three apps, we have loads more listed on our Add Ons page. There will be plenty more announced over the coming weeks and months too.

At KashFlow we make very easy to use, very powerful, accounting software for non-accountants. We don’t do CRM or Project Management or anything else.  We could, of course, but the resulting product wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as the leading applications that are already out there.

So the approach we’ve taken is to integrate with “best of breed” applications that already exist.  So you, as a small business owner, can select from a menu which applications you want to use and have them all communicate with each other.

The approach is working well for e-commerce systems and time/project management – you can now choose from 3 great options in each of those categories. We’ll soon be announcing other products in the other categories on our add-ons page.

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