By John Coldicutt

KashFlow online accounting software is known and loved for many reasons, and key among those reasons are the significant time savings achieved by business owners using our software.

It’s something we’re really proud of, because we know that time is a precious commodity in the lives of the small business owner. Our software was designed specifically to take the hassle out of accounting, to make things easier, and ultimately hand back the hours spent doing the books so owners and managers can get on with running their businesses.

The latest updates within KashFlow, announced in our Winter Release today, are again aimed at eliminating hassle and making things faster and easier:

KashFlow Winter Release from KashFlow on Vimeo.

1) The latest phase of the KashFlow automatic bank feeds release includes Magic Bank Reconciliation, that gives users better control of their bank reconciliations. This new reconciliation process is an extension of the bank feeds feature, with new automatic-matching rules suggesting the best matches for transactions imported via bank feeds, among the existing bookkeeping entries made in kashFlow.

This update also gives our customers the power to set their own rules, to create new invoices and purchases all from the bank feeds screen. This drastically reduces the time previously spent conducting manual transaction matching and also improves accuracy by reducing the chances of any errors being recorded.

What makes the new reconciliation so special? The fact that the matched transactions are pre-reconciled AND that the target reconciliation balance is automatically calculated from the information imported using the bank feeds. This means that all our users need to do is review, approve or amend the pre-ticked transactions before completing the reconciliation, saving them time and leaving them in control of their finances.

2) The news that the Pensions Regulator has started issuing fines for non-compliance with its new workplace pensions rules, has created a lot of worry among small business owners. There’s also a lot of confusion about how to become compliant. The good news is that KashFlow Payroll now includes Automatic Enrolment Assessment to make the process of meeting the new regulations much simpler.

The new AE service enables business owners to assess their workforce, automatically enrol qualifying employees and calculate the required employee and employer contribution levels.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on these great new updates, so join the conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As always, our support team is also on hand to offer our users any assistance, just email them.

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