Funding remains one of the major hurdles facing small business owners, and while affordable and effective solutions to better financial management are there (such as our feature packed accounting software), this won’t help if there is no capital.MarketInvoice

Enter MarketInvoice, which has been helping UK businesses gain access to working capital since 2011, by allowing clients to upload and sell their invoices on their peer-to-peer platform. This gives them same day access to funds that would otherwise be tied up in unpaid invoices.

Partnering with them means that KashFlow customers can connect their accounts to the MarketInvoice application form in just a few clicks. This makes the application process much easier, because all the relevant application data is all in one place.

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With the process simplified in this way, it means that MarketInvoice can reach a decision on whether or not to lend in just 20 minutes. And, once businesses are approved to use MarketInvoice, they can sell invoices online to their pool of investors through KashFlow with only a couple of clicks.

The partnership aims to help SMEs access finance more quickly and more easily than ever before. This won’t just be a boost to cash flow, but also helps reduce the time business owners spend searching for the capital they need to continue; time that can be better spent building their companies.

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