The past year here at KashFlow has seen our accounting software package become even better for small businesses, with the introduction of our most requested and highly anticipated feature enhancements designed to making things even simpler.

In September we launched bank feeds, giving customers the ability to import their bank transactions directly into their KashFlow accounts. This feature has been a welcome addition, saving time, improving accuracy and making accounting even easier for users.

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We’re now really pleased (and quite proud) to announce the latest phase of the bank feeds feature, which includes significant enhancements to the way bank reconciliations are performed in KashFlow. This latest phase introduces three enhancements, aimed at making transaction matching and reconciliation easier for our customers.

This includes:

  • Auto-matching – KashFlow will automatically use the bank transaction data imported from bank feeds to decide the best match for existing invoices, purchases and transactions. Users can also set up their own rules to create new invoices, purchases and transactions, directly from their bank feed.
  • ‘Magic’ reconciliation – Enhancements to the reconciliation process mean that a user’s target bank balance is automatically populated from their bank data, and their imported transactions are pre-ticked.
  • Re-engineered bank page – The bank pages in KashFlow have been updated to display more information, including graphs for at-a-glance updates of accounts. The new pages are also faster and fully responsive.

This intelligent and automated transaction matching is a market leading feature that KashFlow is proud to be offering, and promises to drive even more time savings for small businesses.

More information about these enhancements and also how to use bank feeds within KashFlow can be found here.

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