Bear with me, this one needs a little bit of background info…

As well as our award winning software for small businesses, we have a product for accountants: the KashFlow Partner Programme.  It offers a whole raft of benefits that I wont go in to here.

When we speak to our SME customers we ask what their accountant thinks of KashFlow. If they don’t have an accountant then we try to match time up with an existing KashFlow Partner accountant. If they have an accountant that isn’t a KashFlow Partner we ask for permission to get in touch with the accountant to introduce them to our Partner Programme.

Usually the accountant is happy to have a free demo of the software. They already know it’s suitable to their client base as one of their clients is already using it and has often said good things about it to the accountant.

Quite often the accountant goes on to join our Partner Programme and everyone is happy. Sometimes they don’t.  Fair enough. Not everyone can see how brilliant the software is and how much use it’d be in their practice.

Occasionally, the accountant gets incredibly snotty, doesn’t even give us the time of day and tells us where to shove it. Again – fair enough. We have no right to take up his time.

So, we’re then back on to the SME who referred the accountant in the first place. “Sorry, he wasn’t interested” we say.

“Oh well,” says Mr Business Owner ” Can you put me in touch with an accountant that is on your Partner Programme?”

The SME wants an accountant that’s familiar with the software they use and sees the mutual benefit in it. Not one that insists on using a product that benefits the accountant but not the SME.

This isn’t a one-off. It happens very often. Simply by not keeping up with their clients needs, the accountant loses a client to a KashFlow Partner accountant.

We recently ran a small survey of our SME customers asking them about what features they’d like added. We asked them what they’d do if they had to choose between KashFlow and their existing accountant

76% of the respondents said they’d leave their accountant and keep KashFlow.

Food for thought?

If you’re interested in how the KashFlow Partner Programme can give you better control over your existing clients + many more benefits, request a free demo here.

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