The pressures of just keeping your business ticking over can overrule everything and it can be easy to forget to show your customer some love.

The last thing you want to hear on Valentine’s Day (or any time of year in fact) is your customer saying that you don’t understand them anymore, or it’s time to call it a day because they have found someone new.

To avoid a potential fallout occurring it’s worth thinking about how you can improve your current customer relationships.  Here are some useful tips on how you can deliver love to your customer this Valentine’s Day.

Surprise your customer

We all love a surprise, especially if it’s of real value. Offering detailed advice and guidance through an article or e-book on a particular customer pain point always goes down well. It can be digested at a time and pace that suits the customer, and it’s always there to revisit any time in the future if they so happen to need a refresher lesson.

Don’t compromise on brand identity

If your business doesn’t sit well with the concept of Valentine’s Day then don’t push it. There’s nothing worse than forced sincerity.  However, you can acknowledge the season without going overboard. Consider partnering with a business that operates in a sector that you would normally associate with Valentine’s Day. For example, why not team up with a local florist and offer eye-catching bouquets every time a customer makes a purchase. This way you’re not forcing Valentine’s Day on to your brand identity.

Trigger an emotional response

Embrace your inner romantic and go the extra mile for the customer with something genuinely thoughtful that they will never forget. Offering a customer a free pampering session or a lavish hamper when they least expect it will stick in their mind, increasing the chances that they’ll do business with you again.

Most importantly, remember to not rest on your laurels. Relationships require work and just speaking with your customer is often the best place to start. Never underestimate the power of lifting the phone, asking them how they are doing and if you can offer any further support.

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