Jargon Free Accounts Software

If you’re not an accountant, terms like accruals, year-end process, depreciation and liquidity probably fill you with dread – that may be the reason most free accounting software packages choose to gloss over complex terminology and end up looking more like an Excel spreadsheet than a credible package.

accounting jargon confused

However, on the other end of the spectrum are dense software platforms that are clearly designed for CFOs and accountants. Here at KashFlow, we do things a little differently; we don’t use complicated jargon or obtuse accounting terms because we want small businesses to be able to understand what we’re talking about!

We often say that our software is ‘simple, but not basic’. What that means is that while we address all that complicated ‘accounting stuff’ that needs to be done, we use language that normal people understand. Being accessible but still taking care of everything behind the scenes is a difficult line to walk, and it’s one that many free small business accounting software packages struggle to do.

So what exactly is the problem with most free accounting software?

Well, actually, there are a few.

  • They’re often open source and/or edited by an online community. That’s not to say that a given community isn’t passionate and driven about improving the tool, but it does mean that (in a classic case of too many chefs spoiling the broth) things can go wrong and it’s difficult to know who to blame if/when they do.
  • Support is often lacking. Free business accounting software usually comes with a manual but, beyond that, it can be a case of just ‘getting on with it’. If you get stuck with something, you’ll sometimes find yourself waiting a long time for help…if it comes at all!
  • There are usually limitations designed to make you buy the paid version! Companies who put out free software aren’t charities; whether it’s through having a limited number of invoices or by disabling certain features in the free version, they’re going to try to get money out of you eventually. There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Never fear, you can try our software for free!

Unlike old desktop accounting packages that used to cost hundreds of pounds which are not customised, we don’t expect you to give us a penny until you’ve tried out our software and figured out whether or not it’s the right package for you. That’s why you can try our software for free for two weeks to see just how ‘jargonless’ it is!

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