2008 is certainly going to be seen as a milestone in the history of Cloud Computing and Software-as-a Service.

Firstly, an online accounting app thrashed the established disc-based providers at the Software Satisfaction Awards.

On the same night, cloud computing CRM provider, Really Simple Systems, beat the old school in their category too.

Sage confirmed they’re entering the foray with a web-based accounting program next year. Well, we kind of announced it for them and left them with no choice but to confirm it.

And of course, tomorrow is the first ever Cloud Computing Day.

What the UK has been lacking is a site dedicated to Cloud Computing and independent of any particular software vendor.

This all changes on Monday when Business Cloud 9 officially launches. Sift Media already have done Great Things with their others sites including John Stokdyk’s Accounting Web, Dan Martin’s Business Zone, Neil Davey’s MyCustomer, Gerry O’Kane’s Finance Week,  and Susie Finch & Claire Savage’s Training Zone. (the list just goes on and on).

If their past record is anything to go by, then Business Cloud 9 will soon be the center of all things Cloud in the UK.

If you’ve got an interest in the Cloud Computing scene, be it commerical or otherwise, I strongly recommend you go and read Stuart Lauchlan’s welcome message, sign up to Business Cloud 9 and get involved. I know I will be.

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