Commuters #BreakTheMould on Blue Monday

‘Break glass in case of crisis’ emergency points encourage London commuters to set up own businesses

Monday 21st January or ‘Blue Monday’ as it is now known, is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year but not for London commuters who are now £50 richer thanks to KashFlow’s ‘break in case of crisis’ emergency boxes. Today, emergency boxes were planted at busy commuter spots containing £50, a year’s subscription to cloud accounting software KashFlow and a letter from KashFlow founder Duane Jackson encouraging commuters to beat Blue Monday and start up their own businesses.


  • Each emergency point contained a £50 note, a subscription to KashFlow’s Accounting Software system and a letter from the Founder, Duane Jackson, challenging those bold enough to break the glass to follow their dream and set up their own enterprise.
  • The recent recession has generated more negativity towards business, and this installation provides an escape route from the current downturn to embark on a potentially groundbreaking startup.
  • This incentive sits in line with a number of activities from KashFlow that all aim to encourage young people and entrepreneurs to pursue their business ideas.
  • The hashtag associated with the activity was #BreakTheMould, which commuters followed on Twitter to find out where the emergency points were located.
Video available: credit: Josh Allen production company


Duane Jackson, Founder of KashFlow commented:

“Whether or not Blue Monday is all bluster, it makes for an interesting talking point and seems to have captured people’s imaginations. Rather than simply jumping on the bandwagon, we wanted to encourage the idea that change doesn’t always have to be bad or scary; it can be a springboard for evolution and progression. Through sowing this seed, we hope to empower people to start thinking about their dreams and becoming their own boss.”

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